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We're always looking for great employees. To apply online, please answer the questions below and click the Submit Form button at the bottom to forward this application to us. We'll review it and be in touch if your expierence meets our current needs.

Personal Information

Work Eligibility


Employment History

Please give accurate and complete full-time employment record. Start with present or most recent employer. Include military experience if applicable.

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Conditions of Employment

McLain Cycle & Fitness sets high standards for its employees, and compliance with these standards is a condition of employment. If you are offered a position with MC & F, you need to carefully consider what we would require of you before you accept. As an employee, you must do everything you can to make our external and internal customers feel like customers, including: * Following our standards of professionalism * Smiling and making eye contact * Arriving on time * Maintaining a positive, enthusiastic attitude * Treating coworkers with respect * Offering exit appreciation to clients * Being honest and dedicated in your work * Using proper phone etiquette * Completing necessary training requirements * Expediting customers' transactions/requests quickly and professioinally * Following company policies and procedures * Assisting customers * Following directions * Meeting standards of work quality and quantity * Maintaining a professional appearance and complying with the company dress code * Accepting a work schedule that may require holiday work