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Professional BG FIT Services


Specialized BG Fit at McLain Cycle & Fitness

We can fit you to your NEW or CURRENT BIKE!

Whether you plan on riding for 30 minutes or for 5 hours, the key to comfort is a proper bike fit to your body.  And we can get you that!  Specialized in conjuntion with Dr. Andy Pruitt EdD, PA, professional fit expert to the pro's, director of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, and author of Andy Pruitt's Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists designed a fitting system that can achieve an ergonomically correct fit for all types of riders. 

Comprehensive 2D BG FIT

Comprehensive 2D BG FIT - $69

The 2D fit is a custom fit that guarantees significant gains in comfort, efficiency, and power. 

Adjustments include:

  • Flexibility assesment
  • Dynamic saddle height adjustment
  • Dynamic fore-aft saddle position adjustment
  • Dynamic handlebar height adjustment
  • Cleat Adjustment

Approximate time for Comprehensive 2D fit is 45 minutes.  Dynamic means while peddaling on a stationary bike.

Cost: $69 + Parts

Advanced 3D BG PRO FIT

Advanced 3D BG PRO FIT - $197

The 3D Advanced BG Fit is the highest level of custom fitting bike to body resulting in maximum increases in comfort, efficiency, and power.  3D fit includes all elements of 2D with the following additions:

  • Advanced flexibility assessment
  • Advanced structural assessment
  • Footbed fitting
  • Hip, knee, and foot alignment
  • Other adjustments as needed
  • Identify

Approximate time for Advanced 3D fit is 1-3 hours

Cost: $197 (Includes Specialized BG Foot Beds & Shims)

Foot Bed and Cleat Adjustment

Foot Bed and Cleat Adjustment - $40

Specialized's High Performance Footbeds were developed by biomechanical expert, Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center For Sports Medicine. Their amazing, ergonomic shape increases comfort and efficiency while reducing the potential for injury, too. They provide arch support with additional longitudinal arches and metatarsal button support at different levels allowing every rider to achieve a semi-custom fit. You'll be amazed how much nicer your shoes fit and feel!

Approximate time for Foot Bed and Cleat Adjustment is 20-30 min.

Cost: $40 + Footbeds