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Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer with XER Console

Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer with XER Console
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Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer with XER Console

Experience an amazingly smooth trainer with the Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer with the XER Console and an exceptionally comfortable full-body workout thanks to our exclusive Suspension Elliptical™ Technology and PerfectStride™ Motion. Our A30 Ascent Trainer includes power incline and multiple integrated convenience features. Our XER console includes a clear display and an intuitive home screen that offers easy access to entertainment. Includes Bluetooth connectivity.Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer with XR Console is an exciting new alternative for people who enjoy elliptical training. The A30 Ascent Trainer is a wonderful tool for targeted muscle toning, weight management, building endurance and more.

Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer with XER Console is unique for allowing steep incline training with knee-friendly elliptical motion. While traditional ellipticals have just one footpath, the M30 Ascent Trainer has incline choices of 24% to 54% for more targeted muscle sculpting and faster calorie burn. Combined with twenty levels of magnetic resistance from a 30-pound flywheel, these incline settings provide a wide range of challenge. Excellent options for on-board training guidance and entertainment also worth noting.

The Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer with XER Console is designed for low-impact elliptical exercise with steep inclines. The A30 Ascent Trainer provides a very efficient way for intermediate and advanced exercisers to sculpt the whole body, burn calories and keep energy levels high throughout the day. Key points are incline settings from 24% to 54%; variable stride from 20 to 24 inches; 20 levels of magnetic resistance from a 30-pound flywheel; moving and stationary handlebars; and a truly exciting selection of workout consoles. The sturdy A30 fitness machine weighs more than 300 pounds and has a 350-pound weight capacity.

The A30 Ascent Trainer can show workouts on wide LCDs and on full-color touchscreens. The consoles with touchscreens have many other upgrades: additional workout programs, scenic Virtual Active videos that adjust to user motion, an app for high intensity interval training, social media apps and more. All Matrix A30 consoles are Passport-ready; connect a Passport Media Player to enjoy Virtual Active video on your big-screen TV. Additionally each Ascent Trainer console has a wireless heart rate receiver, ViaFit connectivity for wireless data sharing, a reading rack, a water bottle holder and an accessory tray.

A choice of workout consoles helps Matrix A30 trainers stand apart from most competitors, especially in the home elliptical market. Matrix A30 Ascent Trainers are compatible with the Matrix XR, XER and XIR consoles. The XR has five standard workout programs, the XER has ten, and the XIR has 11. (Switching between programs is especially convenient with the latter two consoles, which each have a “Change Workout” button.) Matrix Ascent Trainer consoles support special types of workouts as well:

Virtual Active video tours are an option with all Matrix Ascent Trainer consoles. Virtual Active high definition video is captured with ambient sound in favorite tourist destinations worldwide. One way to view Virtual Active is directly on a Matrix XER or XIR console; realistic treks through the American Southwest and other scenic destinations are preloaded. Another choice with any Ascent Trainer console is experiencing Virtual Active on a big-screen home TV. This option requires the separate purchase of a Passport Media Player, which is sold with two films included.

For HIIT (high intensity interval training) at all ability levels the Sprint8 app is provided on select consoles (the XER and XIR). Sprint8 workouts are just 20 minutes each but they deliver impressive benefits very quickly. Some benefits of choosing a Sprint8 workout three times per week are quick weight loss, an increase in lean muscle mass, and improved LDL cholesterol.


Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer

The Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer includes power incline and multiple integrated convenience features.

Part Numbers

A30-XER 210000082774