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Spirit Fitness XS895 Adjustable Incline Trainer

Spirit Fitness XS895 Adjustable Incline Trainer
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Push yourself to new levels (literally) with the ultimate full-body workout of the HIIT Trainer.

7.5" Bright Blue Backlit LCD Screen
20 Resistance Levels & 20 Incline Adjustments
10" - 14" Step Height; 43° - 60° Incline
Remote Handlebar Toggles - Incline & Resistance
Bluetooth Compatible with Spirit Fit App

The Spirit Fitness XS895 Adjustable Incline Stepper takes your HIIT workouts (High-Intensity Interval Training) to a new level. It provides you with an arched incline adjustment that changes not only the stepping incline but also the height. Fine tune your stepping motion with 20 incline adjustments from a 10" step height at 43° to a 14" step height at 60°.

The additional 20 levels of resistance allow users of all fitness levels to maximize this effective lower body workout. The narrow 2" pedal spacing (Q-Factory), large cushioned pedals, and multi-grip handlebar design combine to give you and incredibly comfortable and space-efficient cardio unit.

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